Latest Update

Blay is launching a new project to act as Eiradir's successor (and more).

Join the Discord server to learn more as the project grows.

Eiradir has been shutdown.

Eiradir was composed of three founders, all of which held individual rights to their contributions. My prior attempts to secure these assets for perpetual project use have failed. These attempts were specifically meant to stabilize and ensure longevity of the project even if one of the right holders would have to leave the project.

Recently, this situation came to be, as I had to make the important and inevitable decision to remove Konrad Knox from the team.

As Konrad had provided a considerable amount of graphical assets and lore during Eiradir's early days, we are in no position to continue the project at this point (and frankly, the situation has caused me to lose all interest in the project either way).

See you in another corner of the internet someday.