The Horde


"You who has mustered the courage to enter orc lands, turn back now or find your head at the end of a sharp spear!"

Raws of severed heads endorsing sharp sticks and rusted pikes adorn each side of the road that leads from the borders, deep into the mountain. Loud orcish drum beats, screams and battle cries can be heard in the distance, carried by the soft wind.

The following is written with orcish runes, understandable only to orcs and those trained in this language, situated inside the great hall of the Horde.


Greetings, young and old orcs alike! This is the Horde, the army of the Creator! Here you can live with your brothers and sisters, train to become mighty and rule with an iron fist over the lower races!
Come bow to the Chief of Chiefs, swear to serve the Horde's might and take your place as hand of the holy Creator!

The might of the Horde is split into Clans, all under the same mighty banner, ruled by the Chieftain. Each Clan is led by an Warlord, the mightiest of the orcs in tribe. Upon reaching maturity and passing the Rite of Adulthood, all orcs must choose one of the Clans to join so that the might of the Horde may grow.
With the approval of the Chief, a group of orcs that prove worthy and skilled enough, are allowed to form their own Clan so that the Horde can expand and conquer more territory!


The Chief

All hail the Chieftain, Chief of Chiefs, King of all orcs, Vrashnak Kraadash!
The Chieftain belongs to no Clan, but he leads them all. In concordance to ancient tradition, originated from Rrag'nak the First, the first avatar of our holy Creator, only the mightiest and wisest of all orcs may rule!
The Chief's duty is to maintain unity and order within the Horde, to deal effectivly with outside threats and to establish relations and the status towards all outsiders.
The Chief can not be challanged from outside the Horde and never by one of a rank lower than Warlord. In the event of the death of the Chief, unless one of the clan Warlords is unanimously accepted by the others, the Horde is declared disbanded until such an event occurs, as the Warlord ascends to the throne and the others are required to bow.

The Head Shaman

The Horde's shaman will act as an advisor to the Chieftain, and as the voice of our Creator, Lord Anhur. He shall conduct masses of praise and prayer, but also sacrifices and other rituals. The Head Shaman must have a great knowledge of the Creator, and be very skilled in his craft.
As the Head Shaman is the voice of Anhur, his decisions shall not be questioned and his advice will always be taken into great consideration. Only him is wise enough to decide if an orc is mature enough, thus he is the main conductor of the Rite of Adulthood.
When ritual calls, the Head Shaman has the right to choose any slave for sacrficing on the altar, for the eternal glory of the Holy Creator.

The Warlords

The Warlord is the head of a clan, either appointed by the Chieftain or earned through trial of combat. Each Warlord is responsible for leading his clan. While each Clan may have their own establishment, set of laws and ranks, these must be in concordance with Horde law, as all Clans must bow to the Chief.
An Warlord's duty is to oversee the training of his subordinates, recruit new members, manage his territory and, in case of war, lead his troops into battle as instructed by the Chief.

The Blood Council

The ruling elite of all orcs composed from all clan Warlords and the Shaman. Their duty is to advise the Chief in time of need as well as to bring their own suggestions towards the prosperity and advancement of the Horde.

Each clan is responsbile for ranking and managing their own members.


The Horde proudly claims the northen mountains of the island Ybal, the northern swamp and the two peaks in the northern part of the grand desert, and let none object!
We establish and build our home, the Black Rock Fortress and name it to be the Seat of the Horde. We as well build the forest hunter's camp to serve our skilled orcs in catching the pridest of the game, as well as the Slave Pits where to store and guard our pray.


Currently, under the Horde's banner, three others stand.

Skaama-Grazadh (the dreaded arrows)

A clan of hunters which provides the main amount of meat and trophies to the Horde in exchange for protection and other resources from the other Horde clans. This clan contains the most skilled orcish archers, animal tamers and trainers, trackers and trophy collectors.

Pradash Kuunk

Black Arrow
Sodush Nagol

Blood Feather
Rakor Nahai

Voirbak Pigdish
Ganak Nahai

Bork Gark
Juh Borax

White Arrow
Viruk Fonkub
Eroran Bekik

Ab'Kaushatar (the slave masters)

This is one of the most strongest clans in the Horde at this moment. Their sole purpose is to hunt down and capture enemies of the Horde, chain them and teach them to obey it's whips. This clan supplies the slave workforce to the Horde being composed of skilled trackers and able warriors.

Pit Boss Kar'Gub Gulush

Purug Kaol
Krinak Vuur
Vrugdush Gorz

Slave Herder
Kong Granar

Slave Hunter
Erung Biurk
Braaurk Kuklak

Young Blade
Rogud Gudek
Slave Hunter

Darub-Dajal (the black fist)

Curently the main fighting force of the Horde, this clan resides inside the seat of power, the Black Rock Fortress being entrusted with not only the permanent protection of the Chieftain, but also with patroling and protecting the borders and the fortress itself from all outside forces.

General Ushrark Bruluk

Mosal Ashak

Bagronk Shakumbas

Vajos Lug
Ro Kumuk

Krahaun Tok

Oi oi, da monthly report is here!

Dis month da proud Ab'Kaushatar have captured a total of 5 onco males, and 4 females, 2 of which died cos' of bloody young recruits you send'em my way. Dey nub learn dat oncas nub wide enuff for orc an' abusin'em again and again will make'em dead!
This raises the total of slaves to 10 oncos, since 2 were beheaded and 1 skinned alive cos' of rebellion atempt. Also 1 human and 1 dwarf were captured during last raid in onco camp, apparently traders. Perhaps good reward could be obtained in return for their lifes.

Oi await for Blood Council meeting, as some plans need to be pushed forward. Maybe this time, our.... honorable... Chief.. will grace us with his... divine.. presence, making this a total of ONE meeting attendend since he stepped on the Horde throne in place of his father.

For da Horde!
Pit Boss Kar'Gub Gulush Warlord of the Ab'Kaushatar
Shut yoo face Kar'Gub, yoo onco shit scraper!
Yoo forget yoo swear oath to serve Chieftain! wat Chief do is nun ob yoor buiswax! Yoo just mind yoo own oncos an' leave impuuurtant jobs fur da brains cus' yoo nub hab aneh! HA HA!

General Ushrark Bruluk!
Good work Kar'Gub.
Stand down, Ushrark. Ushrark, you be good orc, mighty and wise. Have patience! Some orcs yet learn that if orc loyal to Horde, orc loyal to Chief.
Kar'Gub do good work for Horde. Dus, means Kar'Gub good orc.

Meeting will take place. And to remind all orcs who have doubt about loyalty. If orc not loyal to Horde, not loyal to Chief, not love their people, that orc nub brother.
If orc loyal to Horde, not loyal to Chief, that orc be traitor. Horde deal easy with traitors. I take wild tree sap, put on traitor face, stick face into ant hill, hold there till face gone, then take my axe, shove into traitor arse, turn, take out guts. Then, do same to traitor family.

This is how Horde will run now! Strong together, ruthless together! Fight as one! Conquer desert, enslave oncos!

Chief of Chiefs,
King of All Orcs

Vrashnak Kraadash
Order to all orcs! All the orcs now must train hard to fight! Raise might of The Horde. Increase individual battle skill! No matter clan, no matter job. All orc must train to be stronger! No orc shud be stranger to weapon!

Chief of Chiefs!
Heed your "chief of chiefs", train hard fools, train hard so that I might find a challenge when I rend your flesh from bone with my bare claws! The disgraceful Horde hiding behind a "King of all Orcs" who hides behind walls and issues commands to his sheep. He does not hunt us, he does not hunt for meat, he does not fight duels save with elderly parents... Such weakness makes me drool in anticipation for the orc blood I will spill.

The strenght of the Horde is a reflection of the strenght of its chief. I rejoice in the Horde's new leadership for it means soon the Silve will crush you all under feet as I shall crush your pathetic neck under mine Vrashnak.

Dinerrb "Black Death" of the Blackfire Tribe
*finding the rogue letter on the public fence, Vrashnak is at first furious, he slaps both sentry guards for letting an onco sneak in and pin it. He goes to rip it off, but decides to leave it there and writes a reply*

To this mocking fool, claiming to be Dumberb Blackbitch, or whatever the spit you choose to call yourself. Allow me, kindly, to point out a few things, on which I call bullshit.

If you judge the might of The Horde, here is a tip.
The orcs are a superior kind of creature to you, and The Horde is a progressive nation. Which is, I point out again, why you are working for us, and not the way around.


Your sad attempts to antagonize the orc nation in the face of your people, and parade your shitty tribe results only in more violent outbreaks at onco workplaces, and unnecessary deaths. You should shut your stinking catmouth and consider what the orc nation contributed to your people. We gave you structure, civilization, a chance to see and understand progressive technology, and help build a better future. Without us, your "tribes" lived like barbaric shit eaters, worshipping bonfires and eating raw fish an' drinkin' your own piss, sniffing butts like animals. In fact, those onco who don't join The Horde, still do and will continue to live like shit eaters, because civilization is a concept foul and foreign to you.
We are orcs!!! We are a people guided by the Great God Anhur! Anhur guides us forward! And who are you? What have you got? If not for power and intelligence and glory of orcs, forcing you to organize together into somewhat coherent work units (mind you, a difficult chore, requiring a whole clan's attention).
Should you be let loose, you will start clawing at each other and everyone around like wild beasts (which you are.)

Pray in THANKS that the benevolent orcs, your green benefactors, are there to guide and teach you how to be a better creature.

And a better creature we are, see point one.


Since your scribbles are pure poison to sensible onco minds, every onca who even considers rebellion will be executed like what they are - a crimnal, and a useless vermin, hindering our civilization.
For every stunt like this letter you pull, an onca will be executed. If you care about lives and prosperity of your people, you be best too cooperate with The Great Orc Nation. But I am sure you would much rather see more of your kind die, and keep sneaking your rotten tail to the fence so you can poison more onco lives with your nonsense.

Needless to say, if I ever see you in our lands, I will to have you stretched on a mill and force fed your own skin.

Vrashnak Kraa'dash.
Chief of Chiefs
I congratulate you on your sudden understanding of proper grammar and spelling Vrashnak, or is it perhaps that you have had a more intelligent creature like a Silve translate your message for you this time?

I shall address your first point by simply saying yes, the Horde was a progressive nation, once, when its leadership was strong and wise. Unfortunately for the Horde this is no longer the case, and the Silve learned long ago how to sense a dying prey. You Vrashnak smell of fear and cowardice, like a diseased cow awaiting its death.

Also you have to point something out a first time before you can point it out again and as this is our first correspondence I think the phrase is misplaced, in addition to this I believe the saying goes "not the OTHER way around" but nice try.

As for points two and three, civilized nations do not enslave other races. Civilized nations do not threaten violence when confronted with "scribbles” of "pure poison". Civilized nations do not torture enemies by stretching them on a mill and force feeding them their own skin.

Shall I give you an example of what civilized nations do?

In the Elven lands a criminal found guilty of a Grade 1 Crime, the highest level of offense besides being a Void mage and plight on the world, carries a punishment of imprisonment followed by death by Trigadi. This is not torture; in fact there is a chance, somewhat slim of surviving such a sentence. Examples of Grade 1 Crimes include: murder and sexual assault. Two acts your Horde commit on a regular basis against innocent Silve.

Now given that you claim that the Horde is a civilized nation, I shall expect that you will want to punish those who are committing such crimes accordingly. That being the case I look forward to your freeing all the enslaved Silve, and the imprisonment of the entire Ab'Kaushatar clan and near half the population of clans Skaama-Grazadh and Darub-Dajal. However if you still have a desire to have me stretched and force fed, I invite you to try. Although being a reasonable Silve I realize this to be what is called an idol threat. I know this because one, you are too great a coward to come out from your hole to see me in your lands to begin with, and two, if I ever see you, a difficult prospect as you are always cowering behind walls, sentries and guards, I will tear out you tongue, ripe off your arms, and sharpen my claws with you worthless green skin.

Dinerrb "Black Death" of the Blackfire Tribe

*Pinned to the bottom of the note are the scalps of four orcs, just above these grisly trophies are the words "Your men left these behind, I thought it only proper I return them."*
So I see you evade my guards for some time longer. Maybe you are better than the average onca, I give you that. For now. I will send your tribe a gift in exchange for those scalps.

Your allusions to my grammar are a worthless attempt to gain popularity as a clever beast. I say "point out again" simply because you are not the only feline embarassment who asked me this question. I know this is too much for your enormous ego (we will work on that by castrating you first), but you are not the only onca on the island, and lots of them questioned the might of The Horde. You are just another loudmouth to spit a dumb insult, and thus, I once again, explain to you, like I explained to those brain dead oncas before you.

Now, about your ideas of civilization. Do not confuse civilized and humanitarian.
The Horde is civilized, which is shown by our tactics, siege technique, and military prowess. The Horde is not humanitarian. We do not believe that indulging needs of freedom of such wild races as what you call "Silve" is in any way progressive. Silve is useless, Onca - can be utilized and serviced.
You think you smart, because you got to put your dick in an elfess, but let me tell you simple truth about your peace loving long-ear friends.
If they have a much more civilization and much better culture, how come they are sitting on a small island, and The Horde is located in the middle of a big one filled with precious minerals?

How come this isn't elf land yet? Tell me that.
Perhaps we should ask Kar'Gub Gulush how "peace loving" elves are, or how long he thinks they will sit by before they take the Horde's lands. If there are any lands left to take when the Silve are done. It is a foolish man who surrounds himself with enemies content to think that fear and torture will keep them in line. Desperation breeds strenght and courage just as complacency breeds weakness and cowardice.

I wonder Vrashnak, how many guards did you bring with you to stake those female skins on my lands? I counted
Twenty, but then I was a distance away, it may have been more. I'll be watching you more closely this time. Perhaps you will have the spine to meet me face to face.

Dinerrb "Black Death" of the Blackfire Tribe

*Below the note is a heap of swords bent into funny shapes, under the pile is a second note reading: "I decided to keep my trophies this time, you may keep this inferior steal, perhaps you can smelt yourself some armor to hid in."*